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Research Tips Q&A with Joshua Taylor & Susan Miller

A few weeks ago we had our first ever Live Hangout session: The NYG&B community submitted questions via email, and our NY genealogy experts answered them in a live video session, broadcast on YouTube. Those who were watching live were also able to ask questions and chat during the broadcast.

NYG&B President, Joshua Taylor, and NYG&B Director of Programs, Susan Miller answered many interesting questions – due to the positive feedback, we will definitely be doing another one again soon, so if you didn’t get a chance to ask your burning genealogy question, don’t fret!

In case you missed watching live, here are a few of the questions asked and the answers from Josh and Sue.

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Sign outside of Tombstone, Arizona

From Brooklyn to the O.K. Corral: The Gripping Tale of Josephine Marcus Earp

Did you know that Wyatt Earp married a New Yorker?

Josephine Marcus is the heroine of her own Wild West tale, which is every bit as exciting as that of her husband. Born in Brooklyn to a Jewish immigrant family, she experienced the California Gold Rush, ran away from home at a young age, and became a major player in the historic Western city of Tombstone, Arizona.

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The Forgotten Impact of Henry Alsberg

Sometimes the most interesting characters of history slip through the cracks.

Such is certainly the case with Henry Alsberg – this native New Yorker faced immeasurable dangers as a war-time foreign correspondent; advocated for the release of international political prisoners; organized aid for Jewish refugees and pogrom survivors in Eastern Europe; and led the Federal Writers’ Project of the WPA, whose legacy has benefited generations of genealogists.

Until recently, no one source told the gripping tale of Alsberg’s life from start to finish.

Thankfully, Susan Rubenstein DeMasi took on the challenging task of sharing his story with us all. She’ll be giving a book talk on her recently published work, Henry Alsberg: Driving Force of the New Deal Federal Writers’ Project on October 19th at the NYG&B.

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Historical INS Exclusion and Deportation Records Webinar

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will present this month’s I&N Research webinar on December 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time). This program will use case study examples to introduce researchers to Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) exclusion and deportation records. Participants will learn tips for determining if an exclusion or deportation record exists for an immigrant, be introduced to the most important finding aids, and see sample files documenting the stories of real immigrants.

Those interested in this webinar should be warned that this program will not be recorded and can only be watched live here:

NYC Celebrates Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day with an evening of special performances and inspiring readings

Two hundred years ago Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born in Johnstown, NY. Her family later settled in Seneca Falls, NY, which became the epicenter of the women’s suffrage movement.

New York City has declared today Elizabeth Cady Stanton day and tonight presents an evening of performances and readings called Declaration of Sentiments: The Remix at historic Cooper Union, a venue that hosted Stanton herself. The event celebrates the document written by Stanton and others in 1848 that ignited the suffrage movement and kicks off the City’s celebration of the 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial.Details are at .