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New Records Added to our eLibrary: Shipwrecked Passengers, 1817-1875

Last week we added a useful and fascinating resource to our eLibrary – a compilation of 19th-century shipwrecks and their passengers by Frank A. Biebel.

Shipwrecked passenger lists did not often make it into standard immigration arrival databases; passengers found in this new addition to our digital collections may not be easy to locate elsewhere. Researchers will also find descriptions of each shipwreck along with the recorded names of passengers.

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From our eLibrary: New York State WPA Archive Inventories and Abstracts

Many of the buildings, parks and roads that we use in our local communities today are there thanks to the Works Progress Administration, one of the most successful relief agencies from the New Deal.

But the WPA did more than just build infrastructure. Genealogists will be thrilled to see the results of the Historical Records Survey, which are still immensely valuable to genealogical and historical research.

The goal of this ambitious project was to discover, preserve and inventory all of the basic materials for researching the history of the United States. We have 29 publications related to counties and cities of New York State in our eLibrary.

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