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Christmas Traditions with New York State Roots

There’s nothing like Christmas in New York. While that statement may conjure up images of Rockefeller Center and 34th Street, all of New York – from the high peaks of the Adirondacks to the far West of the state – is steeped in holiday tradition.

In fact, many of the traditions that are integral parts of the Christmas experience across the nation have roots in the towns and cities of New York State. From Santa Claus to illuminated trees, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the many contributions from the Empire State.

Read on to see if you knew all of these traditions began in New York.

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Genealogy Tip: Don’t Forget the Card Files!

Many novice family history researchers assume that everything they need is online. Unfortunately, we all eventually realize that this is not the case, and venturing into archives, libraries, and other repositories is necessary.

One resource that seemingly has moved entirely to the digital space are catalog listings – even if you have to find a source in person, at least you’re able to search online to find┬áit and essential information about its location.

But even here, there are notable exceptions that you cannot afford to overlook – there are still many treasures that cannot be easily discovered without using “old fashioned” card catalogs. Our The Winter 2016 issue of The New York Researcher details numerous collections of card files found throughout New York State and New York City.

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