WDYTYA: Katey Sagal Recap

Did you see Sunday’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Katey Sagal?  Did you catch Katey’s visit to the NYG&B (see min 12:40)!?


We’re proud that shows like WDYTYA and Finding Your Roots have used our offices in the past for interviewing guests.  We love these shows, and not just because they’re so entertaining (I definitely teared up a few times with Katey in this one), but because they offer some great leads to local resources.

My favorite line of this episode came from Dr. Philip Otterness, who made creating Katey’s family tree seem so easy, “Using some early censuses, some wills, some land deeds, and other family records, we were able to put together a family tree for you.” Anyone researching their family history knows it isn’t as simple as TV can make it seem—there was likely hours of researching in the trenches to make that sentence happen, with a lot of help and guidance from local historical and genealogical societies. 

Here are just some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

If you need help searching for ancestors in New York, visit our website to learn more about how the NYG&B can help you with your search.

Good luck with your research!

-Heather Hoffman                                                                                                                                     (Manager, Digital Collections and Online Services at the NYG&B)


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