New Database: Death Notices Appearing in Troy Newspapers, 1797 – 1860

We’ve written about databases from the Troy Irish Genealogical Society before, and they now have an exciting new addition to their collection. The index, Death Notices Appearing in  Troy Newspapers, 1797 – 1860, was originally created by staff at the Troy Public Library in 1938.  The index includes 6,198 names. The Troy Irish Genealogical Society transcribed that index into a database so this valuable information can be made available to researchers online.  Among the included newspapers are the Troy Budget, Troy Gazette, Troy Sentinel, Troy Post, and Troy Whig.

The index includes the name of the deceased, age, date of death, names of newspapers that reported the death along with the newspaper date, page and column number where you will find the death notice in the appropriate newspaper.  Some entries in the index may show military rank, if the deceased was a veteran. The entries are arranged alphabetically by last name and the deceased was not always a local resident, so this database should be checked by those searching for residents throughout New York.

To see these records go to the Troy Irish Genealogical Society website – – click on PROJECTS and then under DEATH RECORDS click on DEATH NOTICES APPEARING IN TROY NEWSPAPERS.



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