Pamela Weisberger, in memoriam

PamelaWeisberger-Conference PhotoTBPamela Weisberger, one of the most dynamic voices in genealogy, died on September 25 after a brief illness. Pamela was president and research coordinator for Gesher Galicia, Inc. and program chair for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles. Pamela possessed a passionate belief in family history as a force for good in the world, as well as an exuberant personality and a generous spirit. The NYG&B first presented Pamela in October 2013 in a lecture at the NYPL on “Searching the All-Galicia Database & Gesher Galicia Map Room Online;” her recorded lecture is accessible to members on the NYG&B website. At the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in February 2015 the NYG&B sponsored Pamela’s delightful luncheon talk in which she recounted her search to identify two teenaged beauties from the Lower East Side who became muses to author Truman Capote and inspired his fictional heroine Holly Golightly. Pamela’s plans to return to New York this fall and share her latest research results at the NYG&B were cancelled due to her illness. All who knew Pamela Weisberger will continue to be inspired by their memories of her. The Gesher Galicia website, which Pamela was instrumental in creating, has posted a tribute page here.


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