German Genealogy Group Adds New Databases

The busy volunteers at the German Genealogy Group have added several new databases to their website,  All the databases are freely accessible to the public.

Brooklyn Naval Hospital (1831–1984)

This database contains the complete transcription of the information in the hospital’s Death Register for the period. The register includes the person’s name, age, rank, date of death, where died, where buried, and miscellaneous remarks. The original register is held by the National Archives and Records Administration at New York City (NARA-NYC). Each record is a complete transcription. Go directly to the database with this link:

Civil War Veterans (Suffolk County)

This database is an index to records compiled by Robert Farrell. If a subject of interest is found in the database, researchers may contact Bob Farrell for additional information. Go directly to the database with this link:

Brookhaven Veterans (WWII and Korean War)

After World War II the Town of Brookhaven (Long Island) sent a form to veterans and their families that requested a variety of information about each veteran. These forms requested birth date and place, parents’ names, current address and the veteran’s service record. Some of the files include photos and/or newspaper clippings. The database contains an index of the returned forms.

The database also contains an index to veterans of the Korean War for which newspaper clippers are found in the Town Historian’s office.

Researchers are welcome to view original records by appointment with the Town Historian, Barbara M. Russell.Go directly to the database with this link:


This database was updated with 3,178 additional records. The index contains events published in the Amityville Record, e.g. notices of births, marriage, engagements, baptisms, deaths, major anniversaries (birthdays and marriages) and occasional divorce. It covers the years 1904 through 1968 (except, temporarily, 1958 and 1959). Go directly to the database with this link:


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