Ask an Expert About Immigration and Nationality (I&N) Records

Do you have a question about immigration and nationality (I&N) records and research? Do you need help understanding an immigration or naturalization record you have found in your genealogical searches? Marian Smith, a specialist at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services History Office and Library, will be answering pre-submitted questions during a live webinar on Friday, July 31st, at 1:00 PM Eastern. Send your question via email to with the subject line “July Webinar Question.” If your question relates to a document you found, attach a copy of the document to the email. All questions must be received by Saturday, July 25th!

To ensure the hour is of interest to the widest audience, questions answered first will be those most commonly asked or that generate the most useful answers. Documents submitted with questions may be shared and discussed during the live webinar. Please do not send large or extensive files.


One thought on “Ask an Expert About Immigration and Nationality (I&N) Records

  1. Chris Byrnes

    Good blog post, but lacks some sort of link to the host organization or the page referencing the webinar itself. Yes, no?


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