New Book in the Book of the Every-Other-Month Club

reformed_church_cortlandtownThe NYG&B has partnered with Kinship Books, a leading publisher of New York genealogical works, to present a different title every-other month for twelve months. We are nearing the end of this program, which has focused on the church records of New York. The penultimate book, the Vital Records of Cortlandtown Reformed Church Montrose, Westchester County, NY 1741-1894, has been released on the website. Members may now sign into our website and visit the Research & Discover page and open the menu tab “External Databases and Book Club” to click on the book club link to read the volume in the special web viewer and take notes. Downloading or printing the book is not an option, however.

The Vital Records of Cortlandtown Reformed Church Montrose, Westchester County, NY 1741-1894 is Kinshipa transcript of the original church registers by Arthur C. M. Kelly. The originals are held at the Archives of the Reformed Church in America. The transcript provides the family researcher and genealogist with ancestry information and relationships through records of births, marriages, deaths, and lists of membership.  Also included is a list of Cortlandt Manor descendants. Baptisms often record sponsors as well as parents. Indexes are provided for each section, including separate indexes for parents and sponsors of baptized children and witnesses to marriages. Visit Kinship Books online to see their full offerings and purchase books at


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