News You Can Use

New You Can Use in Your New York Research

In the past month, has added or updated collections for eight New York newspaper titles. All of the titles are from the New York City area, and most were specialized newspapers targeting specific ethnic audiences, such as the Cristoforo Colombo, an Italian-language newspaper, and Vorwarts, a German-language newspaper. has added the following new newspaper titles:

  • Arbeiter Zeitung, with issues covering from 11/28/1874 to 05/19/1878.
  • Eco D’Italia, with issues covering from 01/01/1890 to 12/31/1896
  • Fiaccola, with issues covering from 9/5/1912 to 2/10/1921
  • Freiheit, with issues covering from 12/26/1903 to 12/26/1903
  • Fur Worker, with issues covering from 9/1/1917 to 4/1/1931 has added additional issues to the following newspaper collections:


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