Introducing the 2014 Summer Interns


Some of our 2014 summer interns

Each summer, the NYG&B hosts talented high school, college, and graduate students who have a passion for genealogy, history, heraldry, or library science. In addition to working in the office and performing many necessary tasks, the interns are also asked to conduct their own individual research project. After an orientation to the many resources of the New York Public Library, the interns are allowed to choose their own research topics. While many of the interns choose to delve into their own family history, others instead choose to research the history of a building, neighborhood, church, or community. The summer interns will be posting to the blog to detail their progress in their research projects in the coming weeks.

The Milstein Division at the NYPL

The Milstein Division at the NYPL

Brendan is a history major from Dickinson College. He has been researching the history of a potter’s field in Brooklyn.

Elisabeth is a high school student from New York City.

James is a student from Columbia University. He is pursuing a degree in history.

Jason is a high school student from New York City.

Laura is a student from Fordham University pursuing a degree in history. She has been attempting to track an ancestor who underwent a name change.

Rachel is a student from Emory University. She is pursuing a a degree in Sociology and Film & Media Studies. She is researching her Jewish ancestors in New York.

Sarah is a recent graduate from Long Island University’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science.

Ted is a history major from the University of Vermont. He is hoping to discover his Civil War ancestors.


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