Have You Checked Our Growing Collection of Recorded Lectures?

homepageDid you know that the NYG&B records the lectures that we sponsor at the NYPL and posts them to the website for members? The lectures are the intellectual property of the speakers, and some of the talented speakers have given us permission to record their lectures and post them online for our members who cannot attend our events.  Sadly, while not all speakers agree to be recorded, we have a growing number of recorded lectures posted to our website. Most recently, “Andiamo in Italia: Italian Family History Research in Italy and from Home” presented by Mary M. Tedesco at the NYPL on April 23, 2014 and “Family Timelines with Treelines.com” presented by Tammy Hepps at the NYPL on May 13, 2014 were added to the website. Handouts for both programs are also available for download.

To access these and other recorded lectures and slides, sign into the NYG&B website, newyorkfamilyhistory.org with your NYG&B member username and password, and when you are redirected to the “Research & Discover” page, open the drop down menu for “Original Guides, Lectures & More” to find the link for “Past Programs: Slides and Recorded Lectures.” There you will find the full list of available programs, and instructions on how to play them.


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