New Municipal Archives Repository Tour Date Added

Researcher MuniThe NYG&B is pleased to announce an additional tour date for our 2014 Repository Tours. There has been so much interest in the Municipal Archives tour, the NYG&B has managed to add an additional “Beyond the Basics” tour of the Municipal Archives of New York City to the calendar on Friday, July 11, 1:30-4:30 pm.

Marcia Kirk, the new Director of the Municipal Archives, will host this “Beyond the Basics” tour, focusing on lesser-known genealogical resources held at the Municipal Archives.  Following the lecture and optional visits to the Visitor Center, the City Hall Library, and the Conservation Lab, participants will spend the majority of time in the Archives Reference Room where they may conduct their own research.  This program is a rare chance to research in the Municipal Archives when it is closed to the public, so there is no waiting for work stations or staff attention. NYG&B experts will be on hand to provide research assistance.

To purchase a ticket to this event, visit the NYG&B online store.


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