Just for NYG&B Members: Book Club

A Message for NYG&B Members:

Have you seen the Book of the Every-Other Month Club?  The NYG&B, through a partnership with Kinship Books, will provide members with access to selected titles from Kinship Books throughout the coming year. The books for 2014 consist of transcriptions of original records made by Arthur C. M. Kelly, the proprietor of Kinship Books, which cover vital records data found in church records.

To access the books, sign into our website and visit the Research & Discover page and open the menu tab “External Databases and Book Club” to click on the book club link. On that page you may read more about the upcoming titles and click on the currently available title to read it. There is also a link from the homepage of our website.  You may also visit Kinship Books online to see their full offerings and purchase books at www.kinshipny.com.  Please note, the books of the book club are not in the eLibrary, and use a special web viewer which does not permit copying or downloading.

The title currently available is the Remarkable Records of Rev. Gideon Bostwick, 1770-1793. You can buy this title online at Kinship Books here.

Upcoming titles will include:
Marriage Record of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Albany, Albany County, NY 1756-1899
Vital Records of Presbyterian Church Pleasant Valley,Dutchess County, NY 1793-1947
Records of First Congregational Church Town of Locke, Cayuga County, NY 1818-1836
Vital Records of Cortlandtown Reformed Church Montrose, Putnam County, NY 1741- 1894
Vital Records of St James Lutheran Church, Guilderland, Albany County, NY 1783-1874 


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