News You Can Use

News You Can Use In Your New York Research

A few days ago, put up these new military databases relating to New York:

  • New York, Sales of Loyalist Land, 1762-1830: 575 records.
  • New York, Naturalization Papers, 1799-1847: 840 records
  • New York, Alien Depositions of Intent to Become U.S. Citizens, 1825-1871: 25,133 records
  • New York, Grand Army of the Republic Records, 1866-1931: 25,592 records
  • New York, War of 1812 Payroll Abstracts for New York State Militia, 1812-1815: 95,494 records
  • New York, Mexican Punitive Campaign Muster Rolls for National Guard, 1916-1917: 22,468 records
  • New York, Spanish-American War Military and Naval Service Records, 1898-1902: 56,974 records

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