Mayflower Connections and the New York Times

Mayflower NYThe New York Times article “Persistence in the Genes: Connecting the Dots to the Mayflower” provides some perspective on the challenges of documenting a direct family line to the Pilgrims.  There are many millions of Americans who can trace their ancestry back to the Mayflower, and many are not even aware of their descent.  The rules for regarding documentation for entry to the Mayflower Society can present a challenge to even the most experienced genealogists.  However, the first five generations of descendants from the Mayflower have been mapped out, and many are available as published genealogies, which allows some prospective members to get a head start by using the established research of others.  For more information about the Mayflower Society of New York or becoming a member, contact the Mayflower Society in the State of New York, 20 West 44 Street, Rm 505, New York, NY 10036.


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